What is included in the cost of a wedding officiant?
When it comes to your wedding officiant’s cost, it’s more than just showing up on your wedding day to perform your ceremony. A typical wedding officiant’s cost includes the following:

Prep work: There’s a lot of preparation that goes into making your ceremony a success. Your officiant will meet with you before your wedding to craft a ceremony that’s unique and meaningful to you, whether that means including religious elements, family traditions, readings you like, and more. Creating a ceremony plan takes at least three to four hours, not including edits and communication with you. If you’re writing your own wedding vows (36 percent of couples do!), your officiant can assist you with that as well.

Travel and event time: You’re paying for your officiant’s time and presence at your wedding. And if your officiant is traveling a long distance to your event, you may incur additional travel charges.

License handling: Your officiant is responsible for making sure your license is properly filled out, signed, and sent back within the required time frame.

Business expenses: From phone service and the Internet to education and marketing, your wedding officiant cost includes these and more business expenses to ensure he can work efficiently and be as responsive as possible.

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