What does an officiant at a wedding do?
A wedding officiant has an essential role on your big day—performing your ceremony and ensuring that you and your partner are actually married. A wedding officiant is a licensed professional who is legally allowed to perform weddings in the state where your wedding is being held. The most obvious role of a wedding officiant is to actually prepare and perform the ceremony. It is his job to work with you to create a meaningful and special experience for you, your partner and your guests. But there’s an important legal component to a ceremony officiant’s role, too. While you and your partner need to actually obtain the marriage license, your officiant will ensure that it is filled out, signed, and sent to the proper office based on your state’s marriage license laws.

Your officiant may also provide premarital counseling, and/or attend your rehearsal to ensure things run smoothly on your BIG day.

Anthony has served as the Students Pastor at CornerstoneOnline.com in Chandler, AZ since 2009. With over 12 years experience as a Public Speaker, he understands how to keep large crowds engaged, energized and inspired with his style & smile. He unwraps and animates each couples love story in ways that connect with their friends and family that have traveled to celebrate this joyous occasion. He is proud to be an SYMBIS.com certified marriage counselor as he finds purpose in helping couples maintain their “happily-ever-after.” He has enjoyed 11 years of EPIC marriage with his wife Annasarah and loves raising 2 beautiful daughters and 1 son on the way!

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Anthony is also a Certified Symbis Assessment Facilitator

Anthony Montana